Happy Summer: Episode 20

Hello everyone and welcome to our Happy Summer Episode 20. It’s going to be short and sweet but meaningful we hope!


Amber and I have LOVED sharing Southern Joy with you over the last year. We just celebrated our one year anniversary with a Summer Book giveaway on Instagram and Facebook. Today we would like to leave you with a few ideas to make your summer Joyful AND announce our Summer Book Winner.


But first Amber will be leaving for China on May 30 to scoop her baby boy into her arms on June 4th. Be sure to follow her IG account @amberleggio and follow as she travels. I’ll be sure to share anything she shares with me on the SouthernJoyPodcast IG account. Stay tuned for Teagan Day!!!

Here are 5 things to Boost JOY through the summer months:


  1. Read! Go to the library, order one on your Kindle, or borrow from your neighbor. Just get your nose in a book and get away in your mind!
  2. Eat! Find some new recipes or try out all the ones you’ve pinned on your Pinterest wall. We know you have some! Even if it’s once a week, try something new! AND make one night a mom’s night off! Now THAT would bring me JOY!!!
  3. Walk! Find 20-30 min each day for a walk. Even if it’s at the crack of dawn before your house wakes up OR up and down your driveway while the kids play. Exercise will make a world of difference in your attitude, heart, and health!
  4. Sunshine! Get in the sun~ hopefully outside but if not, sit by a bright window and take in the warmth of the sun. When it’s back to freezing days, you’ll be glad you took time to soak in the rays!
  5. Enjoy! The ease of slower days! Try to keep your schedule free and lighthearted. Everyone needs downtime and it’s REALLY okay if the kids seem bored. Let them figure it out. Don’t rescue them. It won’t take long for them to find their own summer groove too!


We hope this gives you just the boost you need to focus on long, joyful summer days. Don’t take a single one for granted. Get up and embrace the day with a positive attitude.

And for the winner of the Summer Book Giveaway: Pagoo, Seabird, and The Burgess Seashore Book IS…

Sprout05: Jennie F. Yay Jennie!

PM SouthernJoy Podcast with your address and we will get your books out to you for the summer. They just might the thing to go along with your summer vacation!!!


Amber and I wish you a wonderful summer and we will be back this fall with a new season 3 of great topics. Until then, we wish you all the Joy in our hearts!!!


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