Awkward Adoption Questions: Episode 15

Welcome to episode 15 Awkward Adoption questions and how we keep the integrity of adoption when answering. This is another podcast dedicated to answering another listener’s questions.

Stacy commented, “ Would love to hear how/if you’ve ever dealt with family (near and far) who just don’t get your heart for adoption? Sibling? Grandparent? Uncle? How do you handle the topic when brought up? How do you control the conversations at larger family events? Do you ever notice a difference in treatment towards bio vs adopted children within the family? Basically overall boundaries and opinions of family…. I am asked this question more and more often. I have these issues within my own family so I am a bad reference.” This is biggie and one we want to talk about. We are throwing a slew of others we’ve been asked over time let’s get to it.

Sharon quotes,”I am pretty blessed when it comes to family members being opinionated about our adoptions. I KNOW there is talk when we’re not around about us knowing what we’re doing and even had family express concern that we are taking on too much but in the end they know we are doing what we feel is right.

When our children are home, there has never been any ill feelings toward our adopted children. If anything, they get more attention that our biological ones but being older, it didn’t really affect them that much. For the most part, I don’t give people the chance to offer their thoughts about our children.

We don’t go to many big family functions and the ones we so attend, our family knows the story. I think blogging and sharing on IG allows people to process our life without it needing to be discussed around our children.

I have noticed at church because people follow me, they just seem to know our children and we aren’t such a novelty. So this is thumbs up to social media for a change. 🙂

We hope we have given you encouragement to educate and inspire others toward the beauty and blessings of adoption.

The last thing we want to do is cast off someone because they just didn’t know any better.

We may be the closest thing they ever get to adoption so we MUST make it count.

In the end, we can’t imagine standing before God and Him saying,
‘What in the world were you doing adopting all those children?”
What’s your biggest fear in raising a big family? Trust God. He is OVER it all!!!

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Show Notes:

Francis Chan: You and Me Forever


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