Chinese New Year Celebration: Episode 14

We thought it would be SO fun to share ideas for celebrating CNY with your family.

It is very important to recognize the largest Chinese holiday celebrated in China and in doing so we build positive attitudes about their Chinese heritage.

This holiday falls on January 28th this year. Year of the Rooster.

So here we go with Lucky Number Eight in Ideas for Chinese New Year.

  1. Pull out all the things you’ve accumulated on travels to China and talk about everything. Display through CNY.
  2. Decorating with paper lanterns, streamers, and Chinese characters. All of these things can be made so simply by your children.
  3. Gather all the books you own with references to China including Life Books from your children and place in a central location for reading leading up to and during CNY.
  4. Chinese food: We have done everything from eating out, eating with big groups with every family bringing potluck, takeout, and making our own
  5. Cleaning the house from top to bottom (well us moms love that), getting everyone a new outfit (or just a shirt) and haircut, giving each child a red envelope with money inside.
  6. Fireworks, Sparklers, Poppers
  7. Dressing up in in traditional silks and take photos
  8. Maybe watch a movie or documentary on China or pull up videos of Chinese New Year Celebrations

Show Notes:

Ping by Marjorie Flack

MoonBeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats

Two of Everything by LilyToy Hong

Tikki Tikki Tembo

D is for Dancing Dragon

Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories

At The Beach by Huy Voun Lee

Daisy Comes Home by Jan Brett

The Greatest Power by Demi

China’s Bravest Girl by Charlie Chin

Look What Came from China by Miles Harvey

The Willow Pattern Story by Allan Drummond

The Emperor and the Kite

Little Pear

Lottie Moon Ywam Book

Gladys Aylward Ywam Book

Hudson Taylor Ywam book

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