Taking Care of Ourselves: Episode 13

Welcome to Episode 13: Taking Care of Us.

This is the perfect topic as we begin a new year 2017.

Today we are chatting about a question posed by another listener, Anne. She commented, “I would love to hear how you ladies rest, relax, and have fun for yourselves.”

Basically how we take care of ourselves. We thought this was a really good topic and something we needed to be intentional about especially as we’ve made it through the holidays and the time of year when people are facing new year’s resolutions.

In this world of Selfies and narcissistic culture, we can feel self centered in focusing on taking care of ourselves. We might think we have to fill every moment getting things done, taking care of others, and making every minute count to be successful.

All that is wonderful in moderation but stillness and contentment is edifying even more. We hope to bring the JOY back into your life with a few things we think are important in keeping mama still and content, joyful and healthy. After all, don’t you know the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?

Let’s talk through 10 Habits we follow to Rest, Relax, and  have Fun.

  1. Quiet Time each day
  2. Keep a Calendar and Bullet Journal
  3. Plan Meals and Keep a Stocked Pantry
  4. Rest Time for Mom and Kids each day
  5. Stay True to Yourself
  6. Be Where You are and Turn In
  7. Enjoy a Hobby: Poldark
  8. Say No
  9. Exercise: Yoga with Adriene
  10. Get Help

How do you Rest, Relax, and Have Fun? Share in a comment here, on FB, or IG.

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We hope something we shared today helps you find Joy as you take care of yourself. God Bless and have a Joyful Day.

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