Medical Miracles: Episode 11

Amber and I polled our Facebook page and Instagram followers for questions to answer on the podcast.


We had several people ask questions, and we categorized them for future podcast ideas.


The first we chose to tackle was all questions medical.


  1. Our first question comes from Elise asking us to share our children’s special needs.
  2. Our next question comes from Stephanie: What about the medical side of things? What to tell kiddos, or what not to tell them as you prepare for scans, appointments, and surgeries? Tips for getting through big surgery weeks. How to organize and handle the paperwork, phone calls, appointments?


Please visit No Hand But Ours for a long list of special needs complete with explanation and families with children home with these needs. Excellent resource!


We hope this podcast gives you insight into our daily lives with special needs kids. We would love to answer any questions you might have after you listened so leave a comment.


We would love for you to find us on Instagram at Southern Joy Podcast and on our SJ Facebook page. Also leave a review on iTunes and allow others to find us too.


Have a Joyful Day!!!


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