Homeschooling Harmony: Podcast 9

Even though we school year round with regular breaks and the freedom to take days when we need them, there is something SO fun about Fall and the newness of a school year/season.

We had thoughts about sharing WHAT we are using to teach this year but thought it might be good to share encouragement and motivation  to new homeschooling moms and those that might be in a schooling rut.

  1. We ALL have been a newbie and just starting the homeschool journey and the nerves can be louder than a confident heart.
  2. We all have days, months, even seasons where we second guess what we’re doing.
  3. One of the best encouragements you can find is SOMEONE doing this too and share ideas/struggles with them often!
  4. It’s not about the WHAT (curriculum) and it is the WHO! Curriculum is a dime a dozen. Read great books and discuss things creates a great homeschool environment.
  5. Learn to enjoy your children slow down it’s not a race. Knowing your children and how they  learn and encouraging them in who they are. Focusing on the positive of their strengths is key.
  6. Do not compare your children to other children nor your family to another homeschooling family. We all have unique family dynamics and children. God made you the mom your children need. Press into the Holy Spirit for guidance in this.
  7. Do not give into Fear!!!!! We can glean wisdom from one another but ultimately trust who God made you as a teacher.
  8. Part of homeschooling is not grade but students level. We have to get out of the mindset of pushing our kids through. Giving them a rich education and love for learning is key.
  9. Whether just starting out or starting again, add one thing at a time. There is no advantage in drowning the family on the first day or even week.
  10. Do what YOU love and learn right along side your children.
  11. Kids aren’t going to remember what you do as much as the the time you spend doing it. Relationship is most important.
  12. Just show up everyday to do the work after starting your day with Jesus and let Him be in charge of the results. He will take our effort and make it enough. 

Show Notes:

Teaching from Rest

For the Children’s Sake

The Three R’s

The Charlotte Mason Companion

Writer’s Jungle


It is our great joy to encourage the harmony in homeschooling with anyone!

Please comment right here with any questions you might have.

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